Introducing Macmillan Practice Online for language learners

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Learn anywhere, anytime.

You’ll be amazed where language learning happens nowadays – we know we were when we looked into it. That’s why our aim has always been to provide the tools to allow you to learn on your terms, whenever and wherever you want. Macmillan Practice Online is 100% web-based, allowing you the freedom to access the tools and language materials wherever you are, and yes, that includes in bed!

Quality learning materials from Macmillan.

Have you ever signed up to a language course online, only to find that it’s boring, not relevant to you or even full of mistakes? Yes, thought so. Well with Macmillan Practice Online you’re guaranteed quality, error-free, properly graded materials and exercises at the level you want. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, and are part of one of the biggest Educational publishers in the world. All of our materials are written by our team of experienced teachers and authors so you’re in good hands.

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Grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing, reading: it's all in here.

We offer a wide range of fully-interactive language activities in all of our courses, enabling you to practice all the elements of English in one place. From video-based comprehension activities through to exam-style practice questions you’ll find a range of fun, engaging activities included in each one of our graded courses.

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Macmillan Practice Online – the flexibility to study English anywhere, anytime.