Introducing Macmillan Practice Online for teachers

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Everything you need. In one place.

Are you still managing your classes on scraps of paper? Having homework sent to you as email attachments? Spending hours online sifting through website after website looking for that perfect activity for your next class? It’s time to upgrade to Macmillan Practice Online and experience the most up-to-date, flexible and fun way to manage online learning.

All your students. All their work.

When you use Macmillan Practice Online to manage your students and classes you’ll wonder how you ever coped before. Want an instant overview of who’s done this weeks’ homework – easy. Or maybe it’s time to keep an eye on that student you noticed having difficulty in the last lesson, just to make sure they’re progressing okay – not a problem. And when you need a record, just print off the beautifully designed reports – that’s one less job to do before you head off for the evening.


Macmillan Education

Learning materials from Macmillan. Enough said.

Ever downloaded a language practice activity from the internet, only to find that it’s full of mistakes, errors or just plain wrong? Yep, thought so. Well with Macmillan Practice Online you’re guaranteed quality, error-free, properly graded materials and exercises, written by our team of experienced teachers and authors. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so you’re in good hands.

At school. At work. On the sofa.

You’d be amazed where teaching happens nowadays. We wanted to provide the tools to allow teachers to teach on their terms, when and where they want. That’s why we’ve designed Macmillan Practice Online from the ground up to be 100% web-based, allowing teachers the freedom to access the tools and language materials wherever they are (yes, even in bed…).

Macmillan Practice Online – the flexibility to teach anywhere, anytime.

Register for FREE! As a teacher you can register to use Macmillan Practice Online for free.