Introducing Macmillan Practice Online for students

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Learn in class, at home or on the sofa.

We know that when you're studying English, you could be learning in the class, doing your homework or watching a movie at home. That’s why our aim has always been to let you learn on your terms, at your own pace. Macmillan Practice Online is 100% web-based, allowing you the freedom to access the tools and language materials wherever you are, whenever you want.

Stay in touch with your teacher.

Ever needed to ask a question on a difficult exercise or find out the homework for next week, but you didn't have your teacher's email? When you join a class on Macmillan Practice Online, you're immediately able to exchange messages with your teacher: no reason to wait till the next lesson, and no need to use your personal email address. 


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Keep records of your progress.

It's easy to have an idea of how you're doing with Macmillan Practice Online: your Markbook will record marks for your first, last and best attempt at every exercise, so you can easily see how you're improving. What's more, your teacher can see this information, too, so you can be sure they always have up-to-date information on your work.

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Macmillan Practice Online – the flexibility to study English anywhere, anytime.